run for it

Thanks to Run 4 It for their long standing support of EUTri

Run4it offer us a 10% discount at their shop on Lothian road. Anything running related they will stock it, whether it be clothing, trainers and even triathlon related items! They also offer to analyse your run so you can get the perfect fitting running shoes for Mondays and Thursdays. Gus, our race organiser, and several other triathletes work there so you will be sure to receive triathlon specific advice. For more information visit their website at: http://www.run4it.com/


High5 nutrition have sponsored us for a couple of years, catering for all your race nutrition needs! They offer us a 50% discount on the products on their website so you can stock up on anything from energy gel packs to helping you out after race recovery. To get your discount we will be doing bulk orders through the club so watch out on the Facebook page and email for more information or visit the website at: http://highfive.co.uk/


Ronde Bicycle Outfitters are offering EUTri members discounts on their bikes for sale (10%) and in their shop (12.5%) to help fill all your cycle needs. A cafe is attached to the bike shop and we will be ending some of our cycles here to replenish our depleted energy stores. There will be information evenings on the various aspects of sport, ranging from sports nutrition to decreasing cycle times, kindly organised for us by Ronde! These look to be really interesting so be sure to come along. Here is their website so you can check them out: http://rondebike.com/

A new sponsor for this year is Brass Monkey which will be the social hub of the EUTri. Not only do they have great student discounts on drinks, they are also providing us with free food after some of our training sessions. Look out on our Facebook page to hear more about this from Kat, our social sec.


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