Kit List

Lots of people often wonder what kit they need to bring to training so here’s some suggestions.

Swimming: Swimming costume, goggles, a bottle of water and a towel (people have forgotten in the past!). A swimming cap is optional but is recommended for longer hair.

The club have kick boards, pull buoys, fins, finger paddles and ankle bands which are used during club sessions.

Cycling: Bike, helmet (no helmet, no ride!), clothing appropriate for the weather conditions, a high-vis outer layer if you have one, a spare layer/waterproof jacket, spare inner tube (even for club bikes), gloves, rear light, a snack and a drink. Any clothing worn on the lower leg must be tight (i.e. not trackies) so it doesn’t get caught in the chain.

If you have a pump, multi-tool etc. please bring these along, but usually the committee member leading the group will have these available if necessary.

The club have 6 club bikes and a few helmets that can be borrowed. These are allocated on a first come first served basis and can be requested by email or on our facebook page.

Running: Clothing appropriate to the weather conditions and a pair of trainers. At intervals sessions you can bring along water/and extra layer as there will be a coach taking these sessions to leave these with, but on Monday runs you must carry anything you bring with you.

Spinning: A water bottle is a must for spinning, as is a towel as you will undoubtedly become very very warm!  Cycling shorts are optional but are recommended and do make the experience a far more comfortable one.

Club and University kit can be ordered from Playerlayer  throughout the year here.

Check out our sponsorship page for exclusive club discounts!


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