Committee 2015/16


Name: Sam Woods

Course: 4th Year Business & Geography


I have been competing in triathlon for about 5 years now, migrating over from distance running. As I’ve got stronger I have gone through the ranks competing in various age-group championships and now in the elite British Super Series. I fell in love with the sport at the age of 17 after I crossed the finish line of a charity race in Hyde Park and subsequently collapsed on the floor. I know that may sound bizarre to some but for those who have experience this they’ll understand…. There is something extremely self-fulfilling about taking on all three of the major endurance sports and overcoming them.

Arriving at University and looking to find a group to join, EUTri became a club that immediately helped with the transition. It was a club that didn’t take itself too seriously but also provide enough sessions to fulfil my needs. EUTri is a club that I have made some of my best friends at and has people surrounding it that will look out for you throughout Uni and into your careers. As president of the club this year I hope to continue to provide an environment that people feel both welcome at and can train hard in.


Name: Fern Whitelaw

Course: 4th Year Classics

Fern photoAs I enter my fourth and final year at university, I begin my third year in EUTri and my second committee position within the club. I really enjoy attending the training, particularly the Monday runs and the spinning sessions. I’m looking forward to another year playing an active role within the club, welcoming new members and developing a further dedication to training. With some training in first semester I hope to enter several triathlons in the new season.



Name: Andrew Christy

Course: 5th Year Chemical Physics

Andrew Photo

I’ve competed in triathlon for the past 8 years, so know the sport fairly well. As treasurer I hope to make going to races as affordable as possible and to invest the money into the parts of the club that need it most. But be warned, I coach as well, so if forget to pay for a trip….. expect some solid sessions 😉

Swim Captain:

Name: David ‘coach dave’ Monteith

Course: 4th Year Geology

David PhotoI have many years experience as an athlete and a coach of the sport of Triathlon having first got the triathlon bug at age 16 from a swimming background, but since then many years have passed and the lifestyle of a University student has began to show its signs. This year is my final year and I plan to be a much more active member of the club and getting myself back into shape hopefully proving that anyone can do triathlon if they put there mind to it. Coach Dave out.


 Cycle Captain:

Name: James Merry

Course: 3rd Year Geology

James photo

Vice Cycle Captain:

Name: Ross McKendrick

Course: 2nd Year Physical EducationRoss

I took up triathlon last year and completed my first sprint triathlon in July this year! I have also competed in a few smaller events including the St Andrews duathlon and the Ayr 3 castles duathlon. This year I hope to do lots more events and improve my times in all aspects.

As vice cycle captain I’ll be there for the early morning rides on a Sunday and the spin sessions on a Friday, as well as most of the other training sessions through the week. And of course I’ll be there for the socials! I’m also looking to start coaching a bit this year (any excuse not to train). Looking forward to a great year!

Run Captain:

Name: Paul Kerr

Course: 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering with Renewable energy


I joined Eutri and the performance squad last year as a fresher. I have competed in triathlons since primary school, however Swimming was my main sport until the age of 16. As my performances begun to plateau in the pool, my focus shifted to triathlon and especially running. Joining EUTri has been a great experience for me as it is the first proper triathlon club I have been part of. Being able to train and race as part of a club has been a great way to stay motivated and push myself, as well as meet new people.

As run captain I will aim to pass on knowledge from the progress, and mistakes I have made as a runner, along with showing members some of the great routes Edinburgh has to offer.

Social Secretary:

Name: Hannah Fishburn

Course: 4th Year B.Ed. Primary Education


I joined EUTri in second year having had no experience of triathlon before. I ran a lot in school but wanted to try something a bit different and triathlon attracted me because of how varied it is. It’s a really sociable sport and there are always great people to chat too to get you through sessions with a smile! This year I aim to put on some great socials, as I believe it is the fourth element of Triathlon (it involves endurance sometimes…)! So even if you don’t fancy all the training come along to the socials and get stuck in! Look out for the infamous pub golf, the all you can eat EUTri thanksgiving and the weekly pub quiz.

Sponsorship Officer:

Name: Tilly Dyson

Course: 4th Year Graphic Design


Triathlon is great for people, like myself with a not so great attention span on one activity; starting out as a novice 2 years ago I have competed in running races, an aquathlon (I recommend hot countries for that open water experience over Glasgow) and summer 2015 to take on a sprint triathlon. Set on an Ironman in about 5 years. I can’t deny it’s strangely addictive. EUTri is such a supportive club, that you’ll surprise yourself of what you can do.


Through sponsorship I aim to open up opportunities for more people to get involved and have that chance to try something new, realise their potential while meeting a lot of awesome folk.

Publicity and Alumni Officer:

Name: Chloe Lyth

Course: 3rd Year Sports Science

ChloeTriathlon is one of the best sports for people who like to try new things. I am a bit of a water baby and gym bunny, I swan competitively for 6 years, sail, used to row and have my gym instructors qualification. Before I started EUTri I tried a number of different distance running events and in 2014 did the Loch Lomond Wee Beastie. In September 2015, I taking part in the Brownlee triathlon. I think that university is the opportunity to try a new sport and to meet new people.

To evolve the clubs social media, I am going to be building on increasing our twitter following and introduce an Instagram account to the club. Whilst also keeping Facebook and the website up to date. I hope by evolving the social media and keeping in contact with alumni will promote the club and this high profile sport of triathlon.

Race Organiser: 

Name: Hazel Donaldson

Course: 2nd Year Sports Science

HazelI competed, as part of a team, in my first triathlon at the age of 14 and since then have continued to up the distance I have raced in. As a female junior competing in triathlon it is remarkably easy to win national titles by simply entering the race and crossing the finish line (as much as I encourage triathlon participation it did me well that no one else my age seemed to compete), so I can proudly say that in the last few years I’ve been the Scottish Standard distance junior champion and the British Middle Distance junior champion! Despite being involved in triathlon for a while I had never joined a club so when I arrived as a fresher last year I got stuck in to EUtri sessions and have never looked back.

As race oragniser for the club this year I plan to make Tranent Sprint bigger and better than ever- watch this space!


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