Committee 2016-2017

We are proud to announce the faces of EUTri for 2016-17. We look forward to meeting you!


Nicholas Allen



2nd year Ecological & Environmental Science (with Management)

For 4 years now I have competed in Triathlon, initially as a social event to keep fit, but since coming to University it has almost turned into an obsession.

My aim this year is to get others to start out and do the best they can, whatever their goals. The best thing about the club is that we have so many people from all walks of life, all abilities and all ages striving to push back their limits. This year I look forward to starting a league within the club and doing more trips than ever before, as well as creating more opportunities for socializing, for everyone. I hope you will find the club as welcoming and friendly as I found it, and enjoy everything we put on for our members. I can’t wait for the year to start!


Rachel Alicelucy rach

3rd year Biological Sciences

I’m the treasurer for the Triathlon Club which means I’m in charge of collecting membership and giving money for races and events. You can email me at or speak to me at any time during training.
I’m very new to Triathlon and only completed my first during the summer. The club is a very welcoming place for all abilities of the sport. I have found racing to be very rewarding and training is variable and good fun.


Ross McKendricks


3rd year Physical Education

Ross. Secretary. This will be my 3rd year at the club and 3rd year of triathlon. Started training more seriously when arriving at university and have loved being part of the club! This will be my 2nd year on committee, and I can’t wait to be on the business end more this year! I have done multiple races over the last 3 years and am slowly building on times and placings! With the aim of completing a standard distance tri next summer. Can’t wait for another great year!


Euan Cunningham13250549_10153385249576707_1287508697_n

3rd year Sport Science

This will be my third year as part of the club and my first on the committee.  I joined the club as a keen runner with little experience of either swimming or cycling. I am now far more enthusiastic about cycling but still have some way to go on the swimming front, despite having improved over the last 2 years.  Although I am committed to training, I have not taken part in as many competitions as I would have liked, but hope to change that this year.  As run captain I hope to see as many faces as possible at the sessions and will do my best to provide routes that are challenging and enjoyable for all.


Hazel Donaldson


3rd year Sports Science

I competed, as part of a team, in my first triathlon at the age of 14 and since then have continued to up the distance I have raced in. Despite this, I wasn’t in a club until I joined EUtri as a fresher 2 years ago and it definitely makes training a lot more enjoyable.

I started road biking five years ago and I can confirm it is undoubtedly the best bit of the sport, so as cycle captain I’m hoping I can convince all our new members of this, it’s the part that always takes the longest in a race so surely that means it’s the most important?

Hopefully we’ll get a few trips on the go and the club bikes will be fully booked out, looking forward to seeing you all on the road.


Tom Merry


2nd year Chemical Engineering

I joined Eutri and the performance squad last year as a fresher never having competed in the sport previously. Being part of the club created a great environment in which to push myself and train harder, which I hope to continue to do this year, as well as trying to stay injury free. Coming from a competitive swimming background, I’m not new to the swimming side of the sport.  I look to improve this side of the club and encourage participation in the pool.


Katherine Georgekatherine

2nd year History of Art

Hey I’m Katherine I’m from Brighton and in 2nd year studying history of art. I am new to triathlon and especially hazardous on the bike but love coming to the sessions for a good chat!

Some of my best memories of 1st year are from Eutri socials. From traditions like Pub Golf to (many) chilled food socials and Sports Night at Lola’s Club you won’t want to miss one! Even if it means we all feel a bit rough in the pool the next day 🙂


Anna Whittingslow

3rd year Sport ScienceIMG_5945

My name is Anna, I have only been part of Eutri for a year. Most of my school days were dominated by rowing, and when I joined Edinburgh I decided early mornings were no longer for me and it was time for a new challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed my first year in the club. It’s sociable, friendly and open to people of all abilities, great for people just starting off like myself last year. This year I hope to improve the exposure of the club encouraging new members to join and ensuring contact is kept with our previous members to keep both the competitive and social sides that make Eutri so great!


Lucy Bowdenlucy rach

3rd year Veterinary Medicine

I started EUTri last year having converted from rowing and was welcomed by everyone. The whole club has a really friendly atmosphere and it’s very easy to talk to anyone. I really enjoy the runs on Monday which is a chance to catch up with different people. Although the club is very social it also has some dedicated coaches working on improving your skills in all disciplines of the sport.
This year as sponsorship secretary I hope to get some funding for opportunities for some trips to training camps and get as many new people involved in the club as possible.


Gus Cassie


Veterinary Medicine (taking an intercalated year to study Infectious Diseases)

I joined the club in second year – I’d done cycling and a bit of running previously but was new to doing triathlon, and was keen to try something different! I’ve really enjoyed the past two years in the club, especially getting into swimming – I’m pleased to say I’ve improved from being a terrible swimmer to a distinctly average one. One of the best parts of the club is its friendly atmosphere, with people of all abilities and experience welcome.
As race organiser this year I’m looking forward to putting on the Tranent Sprint Triathlon, and also starting a wee race series in Holyrood park for members to get involved in during the year – with food socials afterwards of course!


Beth Scottbeth

2nd year Ecological and Environmental science

Having done a lot of running previously, I joined EUTri when I started uni as way way to continue running whilst trying something new. I’d never done a triathlon before, but within the club I found so much motivation to train, with a great mix of deadly serious athletes and social training partners, there’s always someone to train with, whatever your experience.

This year I hope to share some of the EUTri’s enthusiasm for triathlon, and all the sports it involves, with the wider community out with the uni, finding opportunities for us to participate in and help at as many events as possible.

14087173_1398923220137721_1163032448_oVICE-CYCLE CAPT.

Erik, the man of the Kayak. A Mystery, he is our very own shadow athlete. He wears an Iowa State Uni cycle top, but that is all we know of him. Often seen wander
ing the streets of Edinburgh with a Kayak on one shoulder.
He loves to Kayak. But he owns a bike. His name, Erik.