The magic of EUTri began in 1999, and the club has grown every year since. This means that there are many ex-EUTriers in the world, so it would be great to keep in touch! Sport can become an integral part of your life during your time at Edinburgh and we are aiming to extend your links to EUTri for as long as possible.  For this we have a mailing list specifically for alumni which we would be more than happy to add you to if you drop us a message.  This will let us keep you up to date on all the biggest EUTri races and events and provides the perfect way of inviting you to our future alumni events.

You can find our Facebook page here:

or visit our newly created Alumni page, designed specifically for

In addition we  have a Twitter page for you to follow (@EUTriathlon).

Finally, you can also drop an email to: or to our Publicity and Alumni Officer:

If you are an alumni and have your experience with EUTri you would like to share, please get in touch with the Alumni Officer through the email above as we love to hear how our EUTri predecessors are getting on!


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