BUCS Standard Distance Triathlon

On May 20th, 7 members of EUTri’s performance squad accompanied by two members of the club ventured off down to Southport to compete in BUCS standard distance triathlon and what a fantastic weekend it was. Having met early Saturday morning to load the bikes, the team set off with Coach Dechlan leading the way in the van shortly followed by two cars loaded with luggage. With some heavy rain and poor directions (Eilidh and Bronagh) it was a miracle that the team arrived in good time to register and settle into their accommodation18927186_10207249026903059_802663865_on, all before the sun went down on Saturday evening! I should give a special shout out to Nick who had the courage to complain about an ominous hair found in Bronagh’s Pizza at dinner time, leading to a very embarrassed athlete a very flustered waitress..but money off the bill – cheers Nick! Also, thanks Rian for (not) sharing your dough-balls which you kindly ordered for the table.

On Sunday morning, the team arose early to load up with breakfast and headed off to the race start. For myself, and a couple of others on the team, this was my first triathlon and so as much as I was excited to get stuck in, I was also very nervous! However, after setting up our transitions and hearing far too much about certain team members portaloo experiences (spot the athlete wearing only one sock), the team settled down, got into their wetsuits and got themselves ready to race.

The boys set off first with the girls close behind with all athletes performing brilliantly despite Henry Mackenzie and Nat Lazareff  having to withdraw on the final leg due to injury. Positions were as follows; In the mens race, Nicholas Allen was 18th followed closely by Rian Cook who positioned 20th. Paul Kerr finished in 43rd position and Ali Wood finished 61st. In the18927383_10207249026663053_1034703281_o women’s race, I positioned 14th followed by Bronagh Wishart in 29th and Eilidh Thomson in 34th. Particular well done to Nat who although didn’t finish, absolutely stormed the cycle section! A great weekend had by all!

Mary Macintosh

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