East Fife Triathlon

Eight months ago, I didn’t know how to swim. Cycling and running were exercises that i never really did. With the club’s support, I learned how to swim and gained some confident in running and cycling; hence, I decided to take up the challenge and sign up for my first sprint triathlon. The race was held in east fife and the club organised the transportation, lending me a bike, helmet and accessories; they also gave me lots of cheers and support. It was a nice morning, full of anxiety and happiness, I noticed that I had only brought one pair of shoes so we were walking barefoot everywhere. Fun ha! At least it didn’t rain 😊. 17902958_10211335080668784_725042603_o

While waiting for my turn I was looking at the rest of the competitors and yeah, they were pretty good and at some moments it was having an effect on my personal emotions. My last time trial was 16 minutes but the swimming in the competition took me 18 minutes. Walking to the bicycle was a very wet and moody experience and trying to put on the shoes was hard. I got ready in 3 minutes; trying to dry my body wasn’t an easy task and I felt wet until the end of the race. The cycling part was awesome, and I enjoyed every second. But the running was the most difficult of all. The second transition took me 40 seconds only but the running took me a while. At the end of the day, you are competing with yourself and your own limits.

I will encourage everyone in the club to join a race or anyone who is training to give it a try. You will either hate it or like it but as for me, I loved it and I can’t wait to sign up for the next one in UK or in Chile.

Thanks to the Triathlon club for all their support!


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