St Andrews duathlon

The clocks gave us an hour more in bed, but getting up at 5am or 6am feels the same. In the crisp morning air we swarmed towards our rendezvous point from all over Edinburgh. The bikes were loaded up in a methodical fashion by Sam and Andy, who had obviously done this before. It was my first time racing in Scotland hence the excitement fizzing inside me. I couldn’t wait to get off and properly stretch my legs, likewise, I could feel the others buzzing all around me.


We got there to find a table, the organiser’s van and a few other competitors on a lush green lawn, next to St Andrews giant telescopes; a simple set up, but it worked. The downside was that facilities were limited… Again with mechanical efficiency Sam and Andy unloaded the bikes, we made final little adjustments, set up the transition, before lining up to start.


The course took us on a circular run around the playing fields which was very flat indeed. Consequently Paul and Sam took off and left most of us envying their speed, from our position across the fields. This lead was maintained, and with breakneck speed on the cycle, and swift transitions, Paul dashed across the finish line in 1st place, and Sam leisurely came in in second place. I finished 11th, similarly, the others all did great times which the club can be proud of!


Great day out, fun social racing, and obviously good company. Everybody should give racing a go!



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