Stirling Aquathlon

At the crack of dawn on 11th October, 10 EUTriers set out on a journey. Beyond the walls of Edinburgh to the distant land of Stirling. This course would pace us through a 750m pool swim, in Stirling’s prestigious national training pool, and on to a 5km run route around the University campus, starting with a conker of a hill. This race was to double up as Scottish Student Aquathlon Championships, so no pressure.


Arriving hours early we preceded to transition for set up, in pure amateur form three of us forgot spare shoes, resulting and soggy socks and freezing feet for the next couple of hours, better luck next time. In awe of the kids that came up to our knees racing before our turn. This gave us a chance to psych ourselves up before we took to the pool. After Declan’s pro tips we were divided into multiple heats and we were off, with a mid-swim timing chip falling off panic, proceeded by two more EUTrier’s chips (who attaches them to paper bands anyway?!) the race continued. Out of the pool into the cool air, legging it across transition all ran smoothly and reunited with shoes. First encounter of the run, a mountain it seemed rising high but short, shall not defeat us.

Generally speaking, a good run route with many corners to discover, across marshland, road, running track, pavements, all in one! The finish line came closer, except I didn’t notice the finish directional sign so headed out on a third lap before realising …oops. All making it across the muddy red carpet of the finish line to be awarded with a medal.


Congratulations to Hazel Donaldson was the first EUTri girl to make it across the line 55th in total, with Euan Cunningham to lead in EUTri’s mens team coming 7th in total. All exhausted, running on race adrenaline, learnt a few lessons to be prepared for next races to come.

Tilly Dyson

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