Braids Hill Cross Country 2014

Last weekend (following a downpour on Friday just to guarantee a mud bath) was Braid Hills Cross Country. The day itself was crisp and clear, making for some stunning views of our glorious city from atop Braids. The challenging, undulated course of a 3 mile loop around Braid Hills situated between King’s buildings and the Pentlands, lived up to its reputation. The narrow bridle path was a slippery mess making for hard work up the steep inclines and a hair-raising descent.  Having tightened our laces to the point of reduced circulation, pinned on our race numbers and been adorned in the essential war paint the triathletes were set to run (well trudge) the few miles from King’s to the start line.

The women’s race was off first off consisting of one muddy lap of the course. EuTri had 7 athletes representing the club, and the winner of the women’s race came in at a speedy 18.06 from HBT club whilst the first EuTri girl, Lucy, plodded in at 22.27 resulting in 81st out of 171 runners overall. Yvonne, the club’s secretary, came in next in 145th place looking very composed and with hardly any mud to show for her efforts!

Next came the men’s race with over 250 competitors and a fierce level of competition including a commonwealth athlete. The course had been nicely ‘warmed up’ by the stampede of women making for a very slippery, tricky path to negotiate. The men raced two laps (6 miles) at an unbelievably quick pace with the front runners lapping some of the more senior competitors…

Paul was first to cross the line from EuTri (although controversially donning the green vest…) and came in at an impressive 34.22 resulting in 17th overall. He was followed swiftly by new comer Euan who had invested heavily in the race via Sports Direct fell shoes. The shell out paid off and helped Euan secure 43rd position (36.14). Running Captain Sam was on hand all day cheering and giving vital moral support.

All the runners of the day finished tired, happy and caked in mud. Of course they were then prepped for a P row night out with rest of the club, which proved as fun as ever!


Lucy White





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