Pub Golf!

A year had passed since our last pub golf encounter and there was much riding on our performance this year as reigning champions. We (Paul and Yvonne) have both been training hard all year for this event, putting in the hard endurance sessions and equally important cross training. We’d like to think we had our pub golfing skills down to a tee. It seemed only right that the dream team be brought together once again to defend our title of ‘Pub Golf Champions’.

This year, we were assigned a new team to lead to victory. The athletes: Sam and Vincent, and new to EUTri: Georgie and Katherine.


 We couldn’t be more impressed by the efforts of the team. We really clubbed together to get hole-in-ones with everything from apple juice to cider, and water to wine (not in the impressive way). The team effort was phenomenal once everyone got into the swing of things, and upon our arrival at the Hive we were deservedly crowned champions for another year and celebrated our win.

It was far from easy holding onto last year’s title. We fought off some hard competition from teams lead by Sam and Jack, Harriet and Hannah, Andy and James, and possibly most impressively from Fern and the winner of the evening for effort, Claire, who pulled out a podium-worthy performance with a broken shoulder.

What was probably nicer than retaining the title was the abundance of fresh faces to the club with most teams fielding an equal old/new member ratio, and maintaining a high standard of golf antics while ‘putting’ us veterans through our paces. One thing we love about EUTri is that everyone is welcome. It was great to have such a mix of people: old and new members, drinkers and non-drinkers, seasoned athletes and first timers. We really came together over visors, inflatable golf clubs, and Argyle clothing, and we can’t wait for the year ahead.

Thank you so much to our marvellous Social Sec Harriet for doing such an awesome job of organising everything. Along with the rest of the club we’re looking forward to the next EUTri social!

And don’t forget, everyone’s a winner when it comes to EUTri Pub Golf!


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